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Did you know that June is Great Outdoors Month?
There’s no better time to get outside and enjoy the beauty and majesty of Colorado! And the CFC fully supports the idea of whole-heartedly observing the great outdoors.

President Obama's proclamation this year stated, "Great Outdoors Month is a time for all Americans to share in the natural splendor of which we are all proud inheritors. Whether camping, fishing, rock climbing, or playing in a neighborhood park, nature offers each of us the opportunity to get active, explore, and strengthen our bonds with family and friends. This month, let us celebrate our natural heritage by experiencing it together."

Here are just a few ways you can get active in Colorado …

 Explore a National Park – Whether you are looking for a great road trip destination or a place close to home, check out one of these treasures in our state by visiting for a listing of all your choices.

 Volunteer with a CFC Charity partner who appreciates, helps and improves our environment.

 Bike or Hike a Trail – With so many trails and open spaces to choose from in our great state, I’m sure you can find one that fits your level of intensity. The Bureau of Land Management provides a great guide on this website -

 Go Boating – Rent a boat, kayak, canoe or even a paddle boat for the day to take in the sights by water. Colorado has a wide variety of lakes, streams, rivers, ponds and reservoirs to explore.

 Support a charity who encourages others to enjoy our land too.

 Summit a Fourteener – Want a summer challenge? Invite a friend to hike a fourteener with you. Here’s a guide to our state’s 58 peaks to study -

 Ride a horse or Walk a dog – Pick a 4-legged friend to join you in your exploration!

 Geocaching – If you are into treasure/scavenger hunts, then Geocaching is for you. Grab a smartphone or GPS and head out to find hidden treasures all over our state.!

 Play a game outside

With so many options available to us, both near and far, we encourage you to get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors – Colorado style!!! And remember that charities who work to serve, protect and promote the Great Outdoors are just a small part of the many types of programs services and activities funded through CFC.”

Enjoying the Great Outdoors Together - The CFC Team

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