Rocky Mountain CFC

GiveThe CFC belongs to you – the Federal employee.  It doesn’t belong to the Federal Government, the United Way, or to the charitable organizations that benefits from it.  You control where your gift will go.

CFC provides employees with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need – to help sustain community, state, national and international health, educational, environmental and human services.



Choice – There are over 24,000+ charities to consider when giving through the CFC.  There are charities that benefit a host of causes locally, nationally and internationally and you can direct your pledge to the organizations that are closest to your interest. 

Convenience –Through the CFC, you can make one pledge, once a year.  You may give to multiple charities at the same time. 

Confidence - Each charity who applies to participate in the CFC is screened by your federal peers and approved by your Local Federal Campaign Committee (LFCC) made up of volunteer Federal Employees serving your region.  Each year, charities must provide the required documents (including a Health and Human Service impact statement, IRS determination letter, IRS Tax Form 990, and Certified Audits) to establish financial and program credibility.  They are then verified by the IRS to be legally recognized and have filed charitable tax returns.  Knowing that each participating charity listed in the 2015 campaign has passed rigorous eligibility requirements and is verified by the IRS will give you confidence in giving through the CFC.

Confidential - Giving on-line through MyPay or Employee Express makes giving even more easy and efficient since you can make your pledge at the privacy of your own desk.  Your pledge will be processed by you directly or by your payroll personnel.  Your co-workers and supervisors will not have access to your giving information.

Control - You control where your gift will go because the CFC is a designation campaign.  You designate your pledge to the charity(ies) of your choice.

Consistency – By pledging to give to the charity of your choice through payroll deduction your donation will be budgeted income that the charity can depend on.  They will be able to plan to offer more programs or services to those who need it throughout the year. 

There are so many reasons to give through the CFC, but hopefully the reasons above will help you see that your contribution, combined with your fellow federal employees, will change the world.


Every Dollar Makes a Difference!
$1 a week buys . . .

  • 12 elementary school students with trained volunteer tutors to help with reading and math.
  • 10 children with bilingual beginning-to-read books to build early literacy skills
  • Three 30-minute appointments for health assessment and counseling for individuals facing physical, developmental or mental health challenges.
  • 1 acre of unprotected tropical rainforest which assures protection of the natural areas vital to our climate and diverse species.
  • 1 hour of expert training for a citizen's group interested in preserving natural areas in their communities

. . . that’s $52 a year.

$5 a week buys . . .

  • Two months of meals for a homebound person.
  • Five wigs for children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Two nights of shelter for a troubled or neglected youth.
  • After school care (food, health, recreation, and homework help) for one child for a year.
  • Clothing, shoes and a winter coat for one individual who has lost everything in a home fire.
  • Temporary shelter for a family of four for three nights following a disaster, or shelter for 10 people for one night.
  • Three bowling trips for seniors.
  • Gas or power service for an elderly or disabled person who has been threatened with a utilities termination notice.

. . . that’s $260 a year.

$10 a week buys . . .

  • Two days of care for a terminally ill individual.
  • Baby formula for 52 low-income infants (one each week).
  • A full year of scouting for two girls.
  • Five and a half weeks of work training.
  • One month of preschool for a child at risk of falling through the cracks.
  • Funding for daily radio legislative updates, during the legislative session and monthly for interim committees.
  • Lightweight wheelchair for a person who is physically challenged.
  • Posters and other educational materials to inform national park visitors about steps they can take to help prevent increased air pollution in their parks
  • Allows five people being treated for mental illness to attend recovery classes that provide education, peer support, and healing strategies.

. . . that’s $520 a year.

Thank you for your generous support!