Rocky Mountain CFC

Campaign Finalization Documents

Contribution Turn-In Training Slides
Money Order Reimbursement Form
Reporting Envelope Cover
Certificate of Appreciation Name Request form
Hero/Innovation Award Nomination Form

Fundraising Ideas - A guide that describes some of the most successful fundraising events 


Employee Champaign Chair (ECC) and Installation Project Officer (IPO) Training

2016 Campaign Training Slides
Key Worker Training Slides
Military Training Slides
Postal Training Slides
Giving Platforms
     Employee Express (EEX) Agency Participation List
     Paper Pledge Form - PDF fill in  and print
     Paper Pledge Form - Printable and manually fill in
     Federal Agency Codes - All Federal Agencies have an assigned code that will be used throughout the campaign 
     2016 Military Base Unit/Office Codes - All Military Bases will use these codes for myPay pledges
     myPay Giving Instructons - For those offices using myPay, please share this info with your co-workers giving them a step-by-step guide to giving through the myPay system
In Kind Donation Information
In Kind Donation Request Letter - To use if getting donations for fundraising purposes
In Kind Tax Receipt - To give to people who have donated something of value for fundraising purposes

2016 Speaker's List - The List has three tabs - organized by Alpha Order, Federation Order and Taxonomy Code "Cause" Order.  

Donor Tracking Ledgers

Donor Award Tracking Ledger - This Ledger is for Key Workers to track donor award gifts that are reqested from donors through all giving platforms.

Financial Tracking Ledger - This Ledger is for the Financial Officer to track multiple envelopes that Key Workers turn in.

EEX & MyPay Donor Award Flyer - This flyer is for ECC/IPOs to use if they want donors in their agency/installation to request the donor gift in addition to their EEX or MyPay request.