Rocky Mountain CFC

2016 Participating Charities

Congratulations on your charity’s inclusion in the 2016 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  We are thrilled to partner with you!

Event & Speaker Training has taken place and those who went through the training will be eligible to particate in our local events and speaking opportunities.  The registration process has now begun for our local Charity Kick Off events and speaking opportunities.  

The Northern Front Range event registration and MOUs are due August 30, 2016.  The events in this area include Boulder, Downtown Denver, Buckley Air Force Base, Denver Federal Center, Ft. Collins and Cheyenne, WY.  Forms and questions for the Northern Front Range shoud be emailed to Cari Allen at  

The Southern Front Range event registation and MOUs are due September 15, 2016.  The events are located on military bases in the Colorado Springs area.  Forms and questions for the Southern Front Range should be emailed to Anna Childress at  


Whether you plan to participate in local fairs and speaking opportunities, please consider doing some of these recommendations to enhance your Rocky Mountain CFC exposure:

  • Provide a Charity Photo – Please email us a high resolution digital photo of an “action photo” that visually communicates what your charity does to help others.  This should be a picture that your organization owns, has permission to use and may NOT contain your charity logo on it. 
  • Provide an impact statement of how CFC funding supports your mission – Donors want to understand how their contribution will be used.  Provide specifics such as  “$595 provides a wheelchair for a disabled veteran.”
  • Submit a Marketing Materials Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) - Submit either our MOU or provide your own marketing materials release form authorizing the Rocky Mountain CFC to use your marketing materials to promote the CFC.
  • Friend us on Facebook – Cari-is this correct? Our hope is that you will post information about your charity periodically so that federal employees in the Rocky Mountain Region will get involved with your organization  as a supporter of your by  making a donation or becoming a volunteer.   Our goal is for federal employees to see  a lot of activity from our charity partners when they are invited to friend us in September.
  • Register to use the official CFC logo – This will allow you to advertise the CFC as a funding source.  Please go to
  • Link Your Website to the Rocky Mountain CFC Website - Once you have permission to use the CFC logo, please link your website to our website so that people recognize you as a eligible participant for the CFC.  Our web address is

Upon written request, charities and federations may review the final campaign brochure and pledge form.

OPM Directive - Click here the view the OPM directive regarding charity events.