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The CFC Poster can be downloaded and used as a graphic for your promotional use.  

The 2016 Campaign Slogan is "Choose Your Cause".  Click here to download this logo for promotional use.



The 2016 Charity Brochure provides a listing of over 25,000 international, national and local charities as well as information about the Rocky Mountain Region.

There is one revision to the 2016 CFC list of approved national/international charities:

12046              Society of St. Andrew, The (800)333-4597  EIN# 541285793 America's premier food rescue and distribution ministry dedicated to gleaning America's fields to feed America's hungry. We provide nutritious food to people in need.  3.2%  K,P,X


Buckley Slide Show for Fair

Every week will will be promoting a general cause.  Please feel free to use these flyers to email others in your office.  Look for was you can connect a cause with your co-workers.  The more connected they are to a cause, the more likely they will support it financially.  

Cause of the Week - Mental Health

Cause of the Week - Human Services

Cause of the Week - Public Safety

Causes of the Week - Food, Agriculture & Nutrition AND Education

Cause of the Week - Medical Research