Rocky Mountain CFC

All-Around GIVING

As of the 2014 CFC, donors may make a pledge to any of the 25,000+ charities that participate in the 151 CFC regions. All-Around giving eliminates all CFC geographic boundaries for eligible charities. You can search through the online list of all charities available at: or

Donors may give to any of the listed charities using an appropriate online giving platform for their agency/installation (MyPay, Employee Express or CFCNexus) or fill out the traditional paper pledge form by entering the five digit charity code of choice.  With all of the eligible charities listed in one place, donors can maximize the choice for their charitable gift conveniently and with confidence knowing all charities have been rigorously screened and have met strict eligibility criteria. This is just another reason to give through CFC.

Go HERE to find the CFC to one 25,000+ charities available throught is new giving platform.


  1. Your first step is to find the charity you wish to choose for your contribution.  CFC Charity Search is an easy way to find your charity by name, CFC 5-digit code or by service category.  Use our search engine to explore all the charities available.  You can also use the printed Giving Guide to make your selection(s).
  2. Your second step is to decide which giving platform is best for your contribution.  Pledges can be made by cash, check, credit card or payroll deductions.
  3. Your third step is to give...


  • EMPLOYEE EXPRESS:  Use Federal Civilian agencies that use Empoyee Express as their payroll system may have access to CFC giving through EEX for payroll deductions if your agency uses the Employee Express CFC module for payroll allotment contributions.
  • MYPAY:  Use myPay for payroll deductions if your agency uses myPay for payroll processing.  DoD encourages, but does not mandate using myPay for pledging through payroll deductions.
  • The system will require three code types:
    •  the campaign code for the local campaign.  The Rocky Mountain CFC campaign code is 0141.  The system requries this code ONLY for ACTIVE DUTY military personnel in the Air Force, Army or Navy. 
    • The second code(s) the system will require is the charity code(s) you wish to contribute to.  These are 5 digit codes listed with the charity in the search engine or printed in the charity brochure.
    • The third code the system requries is the Federal Agency/Unit/Office Code.  Please find your code in this AGENCY CODE LIST.  
  • NEXUS:  Use CFC NEXUS if you do not have access to Employee Express or myPay or if you would would like to make your pledge on-line with credit card, cash, check, or payroll deduction.  Cash and Check pledges MUST be printed and turned in to your keyworker to be processed.  Credit Card and payroll deduction contributions are process fro the system directly and no paper work is turned in.  
  • PAPER PLEDGE FORM:  Use the Paper Pledge Form to make your pledge by cash, check or payroll deduction.  Go HERE for instructions on how to complete this form.

Click here for a Step-by-Step Instruction Form to walk you through the process of giving.

Except for documented expenses for the operation of the Rocky Mountain CFC and uncollected pledges, all contributions are distributed as designated. All funds contributed to the Rocky Mountain CFC that are not designated to a specific charity or federation will be distributed to all organizations listed in the charity catalog in the same proportion as they received designations.

Please do not designate any organization not listed in the Searchable Database or the Giving Guide. Write-ins are prohibited and cannot be accepted. If you desire, you may donate to the CFC anonymously by placing your confidential gift in a sealed envelope.

Any contribution made to the CFC should be freely given. Coercion is strictly prohibited.
Thank You!