Rocky Mountain CFC

Principal Combined Fund Organization or PCFO means the federated group or combination of groups, or a charitable organization selected by the LFCC to administer the local campaign under the direction and control of the LFCC and the Director.§950.105 Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) responsibilities.

 (a) Only federations, charitable organizations or combinations thereof may serve as the PCFO.
 (b) The primary goal of the PCFO is to conduct an effective and efficient campaign in a fair and even-handed manner aimed at collecting the greatest amount of charitable contributions possible.  Therefore, PCFO's should afford federated groups and agencies with representatives in the local campaign area adequate opportunity to offer suggestions relating to the operation of the campaign, printed campaign material, and training.  If requested in writing to either the LFCC or PCFO, federated groups and agencies must be given the opportunity to attend all campaign meetings, kick-off events, and training sessions.  The PCFO must provide representatives of federated groups, agencies and the general public the opportunity to review at the PCFO office all reports, budgets, audits, training materials, and other records pertaining to the CFC. 
 (c) Any federation, charitable organization or combinations thereof wishing to be selected for the PCFO must submit a timely application in accordance with the deadline set by the LFCC, that includes:
 (1) A written campaign plan sufficient in detail to allow the LFCC to determine if the applicant could administer an efficient and effective CFC.  The campaign plan must include a CFC budget that details all estimated costs required to operate the CFC.  The budget may not be based on the percentage of funds raised in the local campaign.
 (2) A statement signed by the applicant's local director or equivalent pledging to:
 (i) administer the CFC fairly and equitably,
 (ii) conduct campaign operations, such as training, kick-off and other events, and fiscal operations, such as banking, auditing, reporting and distribution separate from the applicant's non-CFC operations, and
 (iii) abide by the directions, decisions, and supervision of the LFCC and/or Director.
 (3) A statement signed by the applicant's local director or equivalent acknowledging the applicant is subject to the provisions of §950.403 and §950.603.
 (d) The specific responsibilities of the PCFO include but are not limited to:
 (1) Honoring employee designations.
 (2) Helping to ensure no employee is coerced in any way regarding participation in the campaign and that allegations of coercion are brought to the attention of the appropriate Federal officials.
 (3) Training agency loaned executives, coordinators, and keyworkers in the methods of non coercive solicitation.  This training must be completely separate from training given for other types of charitable campaign drives.  Additionally, keyworkers should be trained to check to ensure the pledge card is legible on each copy, verify arithmetical calculations, and ensure the block on the pledge card concerning the release of the employee's name and address is completed fully.
 (4) Ensuring that no employee is questioned in any way as to his or her designation or its amount except by keyworkers, loaned executives, or other non-supervisory Federal personnel.
 (5) Preparing pledge cards and brochures that are consistent with these regulations and instructions by the Director.
 (6) Honoring the request of employees who indicate on the pledge card that their names not be released to the organization(s) that they designate. 
 (7) Maintaining a detailed schedule of its actual CFC administrative expenses with, to the extent possible, itemized receipts for the expenses.  The expense schedule must be in a format that can be reconciled to the PCFO's budget submitted in accordance with paragraph (c)(1) of this section.
 (8) Keeping and maintaining CFC financial records and interest bearing bank accounts separate from the PCFO's internal organizational financial records and bank accounts.  Interest earned on all CFC accounts must be distributed in the same manner as undesignated funds pursuant to §950.501.  All financial records and bank accounts must be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 
 (9) Submitting to the LFCC an audit of collections and disbursements for each campaign managed no later than June 15 of the year in which the last disbursement is made.  For example, for the 1994 CFC the audit of the 1994 campaign must be submitted to the LFCC no later than June 15, 1996.  The audit must be performed by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and OPM guidance. 
 (10) Absorbing the cost of any reprinting of campaign materials due to its noncompliance with these regulations, embezzlement, or loss of funds.  A PCFO must also absorb campaign costs exceeding 10 percent of the approved budget.
 (11) Designing and implementing CFC awards programs which are accessible to all employees and which reflect the Government's commitment to non coercion.  Awards to Federal agencies or employees by individual federations or organizations for CFC accomplishments is prohibited.
 (12) Producing any documents or information requested by the LFCC and/or the Director within 10 calendar days of the receipt of that request.
 (13) Responding in a timely and appropriate manner to reasonable inquiries from participating organizations.
 (e) A federated group(s) or charitable organization may be barred from serving as PCFO for 1 year if determined by the Director to have violated these regulations.  A federated group(s) or charitable organization serving as PCFO will be notified of the Director's intent to bar and have an opportunity to submit written comments prior to its becoming effective.  The Director's decision as to debarment shall be communicated in writing to the LFCC and PCFO, and the LFCC shall not consider an application from such group(s) or organization to serve as the PCFO during terms of debarment.