Rocky Mountain CFC

Rocky Mountain CFC Kick Off Fairs

You have done a tremendous job kicking of the 2016 Rocky Mountain CFC!!  With 10 major events and many more training events, it has been a whirlwind of activity! 

Hats off to the following agencies for OUTSTANDING campaign visibility and activities. 

Boulder NOAA  *  HQ Air Force Space Command  *  HQ Norad & US Northcom  *  Army Space and Missile Defense Command

21st Space Wing & Mission Partners at Peterson Air Force Base  * Fort Carson  *  Schriever Air Force Base

Buckley Air Force Base  *  Florence Bureau of Prisons Federal Correctional Complex  *  Downtown Denver federal agencies  

*  Denver Federal Center  *  Ft. Collins  *  Cheyenne VA Center * FE Warren Air Force Base * Bureau of Prisons Englewood * VA Hospital

The chili cook-offs, inflatable boxing competitions, knocker ball tournament, sumo wrestling, pie eating contest and dodge ball tournament made the events fun for all who attended. 

More than 200 charities participated as well, getting much appreciated “face time” with keyworkers and perspective donors. 



Here's some of the photos from our most recent fairs:

USPS Network Distribution Center Fair - Postal Pie Event



FE Warren Inflatable Boxing & Charity Kick Off


Army Space and Missile Defense Command Campaign Kick Off 



HQ NORAD & US Northcom Kick Off, Colorado Springs




Cheyenne WY Area Training & Kick Off



USDA, Fort Collins


Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado Springs

They put some FUN into their FAIR!



Fort Carson, Colorado Springs

Ft. Carson's Chili Cook Off and Fair had a great turn out with competition and participation!



VA Health Care Center, Cheyenne, Wyoming


Denver Federal Center

A beautiful day at the Denver Federal Center for our biggest and best attended fair of the week.  



Buckley AFB

Buckley AFB Kick Off was very well attended and gave our military personnel a chance to meet with our local, national and international charities.


     Downtown Denver 

A beautiful fall day for charity reps to meet our downtown CFC coordinators, Key Workers and Employees in the Downtown Denver area!  

Thanks to all who attended!!  



NOAA, Boulder

We kicked off the 2016 CFC in Boulder.